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Gig Bag Media Wins 9 Telly Awards!

Each year, the Telly Awards honor the best of video and television in categories that include branded content, marketing, commercials, social videos, and more. This year, we’re proud to say that Gig Bag Media won nine Telly Awards!

This year, the biggest Gig Bag winner was our work with Bethune Cookman University. We won a Gold in “Online Craft-Motion Graphics / Design,” a Silver for “Online Craft-Editing,” and a Silver for “Online General-History.”

We also won a Silver in “Local TV General-Hospital” for our piece about Savannah Children’s Hospital, and our work with Tapout Fitness won a Bronze in the “Local TV Craft-Cinematography” category. We used a combination of inspiring music and action-oriented fast cuts to show the energy and build excitement for a local high-action fitness center.

Our spot about prescription medication for the Cobb & Douglas County Department of Health was also a Bronze winner in “Local TV Craft-Cinematography.” This was a 30-second spot with the purpose of raising awareness of the dangers of leaving prescription medication lying around your house.

The Telly Awards were established in 1979, and have received over 12,000 entries from around the world. These awards are directed at advertising agencies, production companies, and television networks, and have a panel of 200 judges from a huge range of media companies and networks.

The Telly Awards are important in our industry because they celebrate the work that goes into marketing, storytelling, and media-based messaging, something that is more and more enmeshed in our daily lives. Oftentimes, the hard work that goes into our side of things is actually something we hope you don’t notice. We want our messaging, advertising, and design work to be as seamlessly integrated as possible… it shouldn’t jolt you out of your seat.

The best cinematography and graphics should flow and feel as natural as possible, which is something the panel for the Telly Awards notices and celebrates. The winners across the categories are the best in the business. Through a deliberate combination of audio and visuals, these winners answer the question “what is the best way to get this message across?” Whether this is a sports team, a nonprofit, or something in the medical field, each client, product, and organization gets a personalized marketing strategy for the best possible messaging.

The medium also matters, which is why the Telly Awards have different categories for television and online media. The graphics, timing, and presentation will vary depending on whether the marketing messaging is coming from the internet or the television.

Each year, the Telly Awards focuses on what mattered most in the industry, and what defined the year of media and storytelling. The past few years have seen huge changes in how we consume media. The Telly Awards celebrated media in 2020 by celebrating how the industry continued to press forward despite the massive global disruptions. For the 2021 entrants, the Telly Awards celebrated what it meant to return to set, to travel to different destinations, and for the world to open back up. When we returned, the world looked different, and it impacted or perspective and what mattered most in communications.

These award winners showed how our industry was able to pivot during the pandemic and the re-opening, and how we can continue to evolve and adapt to a changing world. We will continue our critical work of storytelling through our various mediums, as well as being open to the shifting perspectives and dynamics. Being celebrated for that feels pretty good, and we’re excited to see what this coming year brings.

Check out more examples of our work and past award-winning spots and ads on our YouTube channel.

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