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Tips for Creating Your Own YouTube Channel

Like we’ve said before, video is one of the best ways to reach an audience, engage with potential customers, and create brand loyalty. Now, having all of your videos in one easy-to-find place can help seal the deal. A YouTube channel is a great way to show off your videos, whether you’re creating them yourself or hiring a trusted video creation partner. All of your videos can be found in one place, can be organized by playlist, and people have the option of subscribing to your channel, which means higher open rates and visibility.

Here are our best tips for getting started with your brand or organization’s very own YouTube channel.

1) You’ll Need A YouTube Account

This is pretty straightforward. To create this, you’ll need to have a Google account, which automatically sets you up with a YouTube account. You’ll just have to activate it and create a channel. From there, allow admin access to whomever you want to help upload, edit, and run the account, give it an easy-to-find name and logo that goes along with your brand, and you’re all set up!

2) Upload a Video… Or Three

This is simple, and the admin side of YouTube is very straightforward to use. Just hit the big “create” button on your page and it will guide you through the process. We recommend starting by uploading more than one video before going live or promoting. It will help your page look more full, and will give viewers more of a taste of your brand and communications.

3) Understand the Analytics

By creating a business YouTube account, you get access to analytics. Familiarize yourself with the analytics page before uploading your first few videos, so you know how to determine at-a-glance what’s performing well. This will help optimize videos and marketing for future videos. We recommend looking at the number of viewers, number of bounces, if they went from one video to another one on your page, shares, saves, and subscribers off each video.

4) Be Easy to Find!

This brings us back to SEO, or “search engine optimization.” By optimizing your descriptions, thumbnails, video titles, and captions, you become easier to find by the people who are most likely to be interested in your content and help share it. Use short, descriptive video titles relevant to keywords associated with your business. Viewers see these titles, but it also means your videos will be suggested to viewers who have looked at similar things. This means being a little less funny and creative in your descriptions, URLs, and video titles, but it also ensures you’re more likely to be discovered by new viewers and subscribers.

5) Have a Streamlined, Attractive Page

We’ve suggested this with other marketing and branding pages, and it’s no different for your own YouTube channel. Bright, fun, appealing thumbnails create a clean aesthetic across your page that looks attractive and trustworthy to new viewers. It keeps it professional without being boring, so choose your thumbnails carefully and consider what the whole page will look like in a grid. Thanks to Instagram, we’re accustomed to pages laid out in a pleasing manner, with colors and patterns that click when we see them as a whole. Your YouTube thumbnail page should follow these visual guidelines.

6) Organize Your Page

Organizing your page is a good professional tip for seeming more put-together, and YouTube makes it easy by giving creators the ability to organize videos into playlists. If the viewer is interested in watching one specific type of video, chances are they’ll be happy to put on the whole playlist and know what to expect. Once you have enough videos in different categories, organizing them is a great tool for tracking your own catalog as well as appealing to viewers. Bon Appetit does an amazing job with this—check out their page for inspiration!

7) Make! Good! Videos!

We’ve been over this a lot, so we don’t need to go into much detail. But a good video will keep your viewers interested in your brand or product, trust your own voice, and will intrigue them to find out more. It will also translate into more subscribers, which means more viewers each time you post to your YouTube channel. For the full picture of what makes a good marketing video, check out this post.

8) Call to Action

This could mean asking for a share, a comment, or a subscription. Embedding a “subscribe” button at the end of each video is a quick way to capture the viewer right at the moment, and it will help grow your audience quickly. Plus, once you reach 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of videos watched in one year, you can register as a partner and begin monetizing your channel. Win-win!

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