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Welcome to the Gridiron!

Hello GBM Fans!

There has been a lot going on since we last checked in. For starters, what do you think of our new website? We've given a refreshed look; made it run more efficiently on the web and mobile; and put on some of our best (and more recent!) work in some of the various industries we've done videos.

Also, its FOOTBALL season...in case you weren't aware. Since sports on TV is so highly viewed, especially here in Georgia, it's always good to get something sports centric on TV to air during the game. Another good thing, is that sports programming is universal! Odds are that if you're a business...your clients watch sports.

Car dealerships, furniture stores, doctors, retail...every industry has sports fans that watch TV.

Here's a spot we did for Ariana Home Furnishings & Design to air in one of the games.

And here's one that celebrates all football season offers.

And if you play sports...odds are someone, sometime will get hurt. So why not specifically market to that?

But professional sports isn't all thats around. Here in Atlanta...its all about those Friday Night Lights! And it seems a few schools have installed new video scoreboards that need some rich media content to show!

One of those schools is Newnan High School with its new Cougar-Tron! There are plenty of sponsors that all took part in that...but three of them chose to go with Gig Bag Media for their commercial designed specifically to air on the new Cougar-Tron.

Check those out here!

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