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Why Should You Be Choosey When Hiring a Drone Operator?

These days its hard to find a video that hasn't been shot with at least some drone work. And why not? Its cheaper than a helicopter; easier than a huge jib; and it takes only an hour to get some phenomenal shots. The tricky part is getting the right drone operator. These days anyone with a few hundred bucks can call themselves a drone operator, which may help you out now, but not in the long run. You need someone that is FAA Part 107 Certified. what does that mean?

A Part 107 Certified Small Unmanned Aircraft System (sUAS) Pilot has gone through a study course to learn about rules and regulations put forth by the FAA to make sure that he operates safely and does not endanger others. It is federally required for any non-hobbyist drone pilot to be certified.

That is especially helpful for the Metro Atlanta area. Metro Atlanta, not only has the busiest airport in the world but it has several Military zones as well as many private airports and helipads.

So even if you need some quick drone pictures of your real estate listing, its not worth the liability of causing damage and the FAA cracking down on you for not going about it the right way.

At Gig Bag Media, we are licensed, insured, and keep extensive records on all our flights and drones to make sure we are always FAA compliant and can offer the best service to our clients.

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