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Vote Now!

Every two years, advertisers have a lot on their plate: Olympics & Politics. This year is slightly different due to the cancellation of Tokyo 2020; however, you can't postpone an election.

According to Forbes, politicians will spend an estimated $10 billion on advertising overall. Local politicians will spend an estimated $6.55 billion on advertising, with over-the-air commercials claiming nearly $3.1 billion of that amount. That's 16% of the local TV ad revenue for 2020 in just political ads. Thats just TV, not digital.

According to an NBC News article released June 1, politicians have already spent $2.19 billion of that amount so far...thats $1 billion more than was spent on the 2016 election at this time.

So, needless to say, TV advertising is vital to winning an election. Its the best way to get your message out to your constituents. Here in the Atlanta area, we have a few local elections going on as well, specifically the State Senate races for District 2 and District 9. We were able to help Gabe Okoye and Devlin Cleveland create a commercial for their platform.

There are lots of ways to do a political ad. You could shovel some dirt on your opponent; you could clean your gun or shoot a bill; you could do...whatever this is; or you could list your accomplishments and why you deserve the nomination.

Now, we're not saying one is right or one is wrong, because even though some of these may be different than most...they're definitely memorable. And thats the point.

As you can see, our candidates wanted a clear message about what they can offer and why they are the best candidates. No gimmicks and no shoveling.

What political ads are most memorable (for either good or bad!) for you?

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