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What are the Benefits of Adding Video to Your Marketing Strategy?

Regardless of the type of product or service you’re offering, there’s probably a lot of competition out there. It can be hard to stand out in the crowd, so it makes sense to try every strategy out there to set yourself apart from the competition. One of the best things to do for yourself, your company, and your services is video marketing. Video marketing has been around for a while, and it’s a proven, effective marketing tool in today’s fast-paced world of commerce and industry.

A two-minute video has the capacity to impart the same information that would take someone 15 minutes to read, and even a 30-second video can do wonders to get the information across that might otherwise be skimmed over. Still not sure? Here are some of our most convincing reasons that you should add video marketing to your business strategy.

1) Videos are amazing for search engine optimization (SEO)

Good SEO can bring your business to the next level, while subpar SEO can really sink the ship. So it makes sense to do everything you can to create the best SEO strategy, right? Video can help with this. SEO strategies are constantly changing, but one thing that has remained the same over the past few years is how long users stay on your site. A video can keep people on your site for several minutes longer than just scrolling content, which means increasing your SEO for that page.

2) Videos can be utilized in multiple places

Behind Google, YouTube is the largest search engine on the web. And what is YouTube for besides video? Having a robust YouTube page with frequently refreshed content is another place viewers and potential customers can go to learn more about what you offer, and this gives you more chances to show up in search engines. The videos can live on your website, a YouTube channel, and your social media pages as well.

3) Autoplay on social media is an instant hook

Many social media outlets have autoplay on videos as people scroll. Users can opt to turn this off, but most automatic settings utilize autoplay. This means that when you target ads or post a video on your social media, people will see it start playing as they scroll. If you have a compelling video, the likelihood of the viewer stopping to watch your video is higher than simple text with a click-through.

4) Video can be more relatable than text

The video format makes it easier to show why someone needs your product or service. Instead of written descriptions, video gives the audience more chances to put themselves in the shoes of the people pictured in the ad. When you see someone utilizing the product or service and can get placed in the scene, the interaction is more dynamic than trying to picture it from written words.

5) Videos are more shareable than text

Audiences sharing videos doesn’t just translate to one more viewer per share… the more your video is shared, the better your SEO is. If Google (or other search engines) sees your videos spreading, there’s more of a chance for the content to wind up at the top of search requests. It also means the video is more likely to wind up on homepages through friend share notifications.

6) Video is one of the fastest growing forms of media

While media consumption has increased in all forms, video is one of the fastest growing categories. Globally, YouTube has over 2 billion active users per month, and from 2013 to 2018, internet video views grew up more than 30% each year. So far in 2021, the average user online watches 100 minutes of video per day, more than a 15% increase from 2020.

7) You have more ways to stack keywords

Video isn’t just a way to get viewers… with titles, subtitles, and descriptions, your videos give you even more ways to register with SEO. We’ve already mentioned time spent on the page and sharing as ways to boost SEO, but strategically choosing your video titles, keyword cramming in subtitles, and adding the best possible SEO-friendly descriptions to your videos will help bump you up with search engines as well.

8) Videos create trust

Trust translates to sales, and what better way to build trust than to show your product or service in action through video? While we love a good written description and sales pitch, there’s a lot to be said for the openness and honesty of connecting with a viewer through video. By having the ability to show actual footage of the people behind the company as well as the service or product, you reach people with a whole other level than words or pictures on a page. Let the audience see who the people are behind the company… that emotional connection can be a valuable asset to getting them to contact your company.

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